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Interactive Adventure

Town Hall Square
Thursday 18 November – Thursday 6 January 2022

Brand new for Christmas 2021 is a free and interactive family adventure using augmented reality (AR) to bring fictional characters to life in the city centre. Enjoy all of the activities below!

Download the free app ‘Interactive Adventure Leicester’ on the App Store for Apple devices and on the Google Play store for Android users.

Find Santa’s Helpers at the Christmas Tableau scene

Scan each of the signs one by one to find the four hidden Santa’s Helpers within the Tableau scene.

Play the “Snowball Dodge” game

Once you have found Santa’s Helpers, you can play them in a game of Snowball Dodge by throwing and dodging snowballs. Be warned, some of Santa’s Helpers are better than others!

Enter our Winter Wonderland portal

Scan the AR Wonderland sign in Town Hall Square to unlock the door to a magical wintery portal. Enter and look for the polar bears, penguins and snow people!

Hail the Christmas Express train

Your very own AR toy train and track you can place anywhere and control its speed as it rides the rails around the tree! Don’t forget to pull the whistle!

Collect Reindeer Dust

Look for Reindeer Dust signs on windows around the city centre. Scan the signs to collect Reindeer Dust, which you can throw into the air to help Santa fly across the sky!

View the map below for the locations.

Take part in lighting up Leicester’s huge AR Christmas Tree

Every point you collect by scanning Reindeer Dust and playing the games will add to a huge grand total. Together can we collect enough points to light up the AR tree in time for Christmas? Be sure to check progress within the app!

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos!

Reindeer Dust Marker Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the ‘Interactive Adventure Leicester’ app?

You can download the ‘Interactive Adventure Leicester’ app free from the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

What is “augmented reality” or “AR”?

“Augmented reality”, sometimes shortened to “AR”, is a technology that allows you to place all kinds of virtual objects and characters into your own surroundings. When you look through the camera on your device, you will see objects and characters that appear to be around you, but are not actually there.

How much does it cost to play Interactive Adventures app?

The app is free to download and doesn’t includes any in-app purchases.

Can I play the app on a parent or guardian’s smart phone?

Absolutely! The is no need to create an account to play the app, so you can play it on any device as long as you have the owner’s permission!

What can I do with the Reindeer Dust I collect by scanning the signs around the city centre?

There are two things you can do with the Reindeer Dust – first of all, you can throw a handful into the air to see Santa and his Reindeer flying across the sky – secondly, every grain of Reindeer Dust counts as a point which goes towards lighting up the AR Christmas tree!

What is the AR Christmas tree?

The AR Christmas Tree is huge virtual tree that you can put anywhere you like. The points that you collect when playing the app are added together with everyone else’s points and are used to light up the tree. The aim is for everyone using the app to collect enough points to light up the tree in time for Christmas!

What is the Christmas Express?

The Christmas Express is an augmented reality train that you can place anywhere you like – even in your own home.

What is the AR Wonderland?

The AR Wonderland is a virtual portal that you can enter with the app. To unlock the portal, you’ll need to use the app to scan the AR Wonderland sign, which you can find in Town Hall Square. Once you have scanned the sign, a doorway into the Wonderland will appear. Walk into the portal and look around at the wintery scene.

How can I stay safe using the app?

When you are using the augmented reality (AR) features within the app, please be careful to pay attention to your surroundings. It is important that you look at what is happening all around you as well as what you can see on the screen. Please only use the app in a safe area, away from dangers like roads and steps.

How many Santa’s Helpers are there in the app?

There are four Santa’s Helpers to find at the Tableau scene in Town Hall Square. Simply scan each of the four signs one at a time and scan the Tableau scene to look for the Helpers.

What is Snowball Dodge?

Snowball Dodge is game you can play against Santa’s Helpers within the app. You can throw snowballs at the Helpers and try to dodge the snowballs they throw at you. Be careful – some of the Santa’s Helpers are better at Snowball Dodge that others!

How do I scan a sign or marker using the app?

The signs you will see around the Tableau Scene, in Town Hall Square and on the windows of buildings around Leicester City Centre can be scanned using your app. Simply open the app menu and select a feature from the menu – this will open the AR camera on your device. Point this at the sign to scan it.

Why does the app need permissions to be accepted when I first open the app?

The app needs to access certain features on your device in order to work, such as the camera. The reason the app needs to access these features on your device is so it can use your camera to create the augmented reality view. The app will only use these features while you are using the app.

Do I need to be in Leicester city centre to use the app?

Several of the features within the app will need to be unlocked while you are in the city centre. However, once unlocked, you will be able to use these features anywhere – including within your own home.

Why is there a photo and video feature on the app?

If you choose to, you can take photos and videos while using the app. You can choose to save these to your device and then share them with friends and family. If you share on social media, please use the hashtag #ChristmasInLeicester

What personal data is collected when I use the app?

The app doesn’t collect any personal data. However, it does collect technical, non-personal data, that will help us to check general usage of the app, such as how many people are using it, which are the most popular features, etc.

How can I delete the app from my device?

You can uninstall the app from your device any time you choose.

Why aren’t Santa’s Helpers at the North Pole during their busy season?

Santa’s Helpers have magical powers, which means they can travel thousands of miles in a matter of seconds. This means they can pop to see you in Leicester for a game of Snowball Dodge whenever you like. They are also a little bit naughty and like to take long breaks from the workshop playing their favourite game.

What is Reindeer Dust?

Reindeer Dust is made up of magical glittery particles that are used by Santa to help his reindeers to fly. Reindeer Dust is quite rare, so if you spot any signs around Leicester, be sure to scan them to collect the dust for Santa.