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The festive spirit of Christmas in Leicester is spreading that little bit further this year with these activities for you and your family to enjoy in the cosy comfort of your own home. We had lots of helpers in Leicester to bring this together, so we hope you have a merry time sharing and getting creative with the activities.


Christmas in Leicester Activity Pack

Print out, colour everything in and enjoy the activities in our Christmas in Leicester activity pack, design your own festive jumper, help Santa with his deliveries and create your ideal Christmas dinner!

Our activity pack is by local artist Rosie and Ramona.

Download Activity Pack
Visit Rosie and Ramona's website

The Snowman and The Snowdog™

Originally published in 1978, The Snowman, created and illustrated by Raymond Briggs has become one of the world’s most popular children’s books selling in excess of 8.5 million copies worldwide and being translated into over 15 languages.

Create a wintery wonderland in the snowglobe, make a mobile for your bedroom or as a gift and design your own gift wrapping
Find more themed activities The Snowman

Coconut Cookies Recipe
Gift Wrapping
Colouring Sheet
Join The Dots


Download Mobile Instructions
Download Mobile Template


Download Garland Instructions
Download Garland Template


Download Snowglobe Instructions
Download Snowglobe Template


Graffwerk, the team behind the award winning Bring the Paint festival have put together a range of graffiti inspired templates to help create your own murals and artworks. Colour the sheets provided, find the Christmas puddings, create your own fox artwork and design a Leicester themed Christmas mural.

Graffwerk Activities

Download activity by James Zakarian
Download activity by Smallkid
Download activity by Alex Rubes
Download activity by James Lad

National Space Centre

The National Space Centre is an educational charity and the UK’s largest visitor attraction dedicated to space and we are lucky to have it right here in Leicester!

More online crafts can be found here:

Constellation Telescope

With Christmas this year being all about bright lights, why not make your own Constellation Telescope with The National Space Centre’s template?

Download telescope template

Comets and Rockets

Play a game of Comets and Rockets to see who wins the space race!

Download Comets and Rockets game

Tardigrade Ornament

Create your own Tardigrade Ornament for your tree!

Download tardigrade template